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Perfect control in right of ownership. The word implies both title and possession and appears to require a complete retention of control over disposition. Title to an article of property, which arises from the power of disposition and the right of claiming it. Sovereignty; as in the dominion of the seas or over a territory.

In Civil Law, with reference to the title to property that is transferred by a sale of it, dominion is said to be either proximate or remote, the former being the kind of title vesting in the purchaser when he or she has acquired both the ownership and the possession of the article, the latter describing the nature of the title when he or she has legitimately acquired the ownership of the property but there has been no delivery.


(Absolute ownership), noun claim, control, deed, demesne, domain, freehold, holding, interest, lawful possession, manor, ownership, possession, possessorship, power of disposal, property, proprietorship, right, right of possession, right to property, rightful possession, seisin, stake, territory, title
Associated concepts: act of dominion


(Supreme authority), noun ascendancy, authority, command, control, dicio, dominance, domination, eminent domain, empery, government, grip, hegemony, hold, imperium, jurisdiction, lordship, management, mastery, potestas, power, primacy, regency, reign, rule, sovereignty, supremacy, sway
See also: administration, agency, ambit, bailiwick, circuit, clout, control, coverage, demesne, domain, dominance, force, hegemony, influence, interest, jurisdiction, occupancy, occupation, ownership, possession, power, predominance, primacy, province, realm, regime, scope, strength, supervision, supremacy, territory

DOMINION. The right of the owner of a thing to use it or dispose of it at his pleasure. See Domain; 1 White's New Coll. 85; Jacob's Intr. 39.

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But the rest of the world knew that Edward VIII of Great Britain, Ireland, the British Dominions beyond the seas, King Emperor of India, was besotted by a foreign woman with a somewhat shady past - and that the country trembled on the brink of the greatest constitutional crisis of the century.

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