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By the time British empiricism culminated with Hume, logical laws become consumed by a psychologism that can speak only of approximate regularities in successions of matters of fact, an assumption that permeates Hume's theory of causality.
Within Roman history the history of Britain is itself an island, the last stronghold of British empiricism.
According to Mander, this widespread interpretation errs in that it neglects the equal importance of Bradley's realism and his inheritance from the tradition of British empiricism (p.
But despite this disclaimer - so characteristic in its brisk embrace of stolid British empiricism - an authorial viewpoint does show through the conventional cosmetic of no-nonsense, self-deprecatory, head-nodding puzzlement at the very idea of history having anything to do with theory.
Though it is a philosophy of experience, its processive concept of experience is broader and richer than that found in British empiricism.
As Hegel came under tire by empiricists on both sides of the Atlantic for his failure to adequately account for method as actually practiced in the natural sciences, Dewey abandoned the idealism of his intellectual mentor in favor of British empiricism.

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