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636 million British thermal units (Btu) per barrel as estimated by the Bureau of Mines and first published in the Petroleum Statement, Annual, 1956.
40 per million British Thermal Units, one-third the international energy price.
Its heat output in British Thermal Units (BTUs) however, was considered too low to be effective at the time.
will be interconnected to LIPA's grid and operate in a combined heat and power (CHP) mode to provide 10,000 watts of electrical power and 30,000 British thermal units of heat to the building's water heater.
4 quadrillion British Thermal Units (BTU) by 2020, as countries strive to meet escalating demand for electricity, fuelled by booming populations, industrial development and stricter environmental regulations.
Under the building code, every new and remodeled home in Pitkin County must meet a strict "energy budget" of approximately 40,000 British thermal units per square foot.
The agreement covers the annual supply of 27 billion British Thermal Units from 2002, in addition to the 16 billion BTU already contracted between the two parties, delivery of which is due to begin at the end of the year.
2 pounds per million British thermal units was set based on the sulfur content of low-sulfur Western coal.
Though Clinton may have believed what he told Congress, his tax on British thermal units (BTUs) does not meet any of those criteria very well.

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