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BATTLING ON: Charlotte Sykes, five, who suffers from a brittle bone disease, with mum Lisa (PW010512Bbrittle)
Brittle bone disease is caused by abnormalities to the genes that control collagen, a protein essential for bone strength.
Women become more susceptible to the brittle bone disease after "the change" as levels of protective oestrogen fall.
French researchers found they contain a flavonoid called phloridzin which can increase bone density and may protect post-menopausal women from the brittle bone disease osteoporosis.
BOURNE -- When Hailey Manduca made a documentary about her struggle with brittle bone disease, she called it, appropriately enough, ''Unbreakable Spirit.
She had already antastic MOVING: Brave achieved so much - getting a top degree, a job and a loving husband - despite having brittle bone disease and a twisted spine.
ISLAMABAD -- The NHS could save millions by handing out fewer vitamin D prescriptions to over-50s because in most cases they do little to protect against brittle bone disease, a new study suggests.
The mum-of-one, who had brittle bone disease, was on a night out with husband Paul and 13-year-old son Cory when she passed away.
Born with brittle bone disease in her legs, Jordanne Whiley, from Halesowen, has used a wheelchair all her life.
A review of scientific research concluded that physical activity could cut the risk of disability and help relieve the pain of a range of conditions including arthritis, back pain and brittle bone disease.
BAD POINTS: The story is so cliched it's as if it's got the equivalent of every dancer's worst nightmare - brittle bone disease.
An early version of the implant was used to deliver medication to seven women aged 65 to 70 who suffer from the brittle bone disease osteoporosis.