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e] values, were demonstrated to have positive correlation with the brittle failure experimented by the resins at stress levels far below from the yield point, and based on the phenomenon of slow crack growth.
Fracture parameters used in experiments are given brittle failure conditions with initial velocity.
Table 1 presents ISO 10328 criteria at different anthropometric population weight percentiles for both ductile and brittle failure modes.
In this environment, a more ductile alloy under the given repeated shock load should increase the lifetime of brittle failure modes, such as pad craters.
The maximum stress that has been induced though is less than the permissible limit; it has been observed that these Pandrol clips are mostly facing brittle failure at the same spot.
use a yield criterion developed for incompressible viscous layers and show how it can be manipulated to produce effects similar to those of the Mohr-Coulomb criterion used in brittle failure models.
Different building structures, such as beamless reinforced concrete slabs, footings of foundation, shear in beams, have a brittle failure mode and versatile complex stress behaviour [1-3].
That research indicated that a less brittle failure mode may be achieved with DRDC since the load is transferred over the bearing areas of the two staggered dovetails, dispersing the stress concentrations.
The intergranular fracture indicated a brittle failure mode and that the material had become embrittled.
Effects like crack propagation or brittle failure can then be studied, which would be impossible on models used for standard crash simulations.
This transition was bimodal and statistically distributed between either a fully ductile or a fully brittle failure.
The design rules of the lifting hooks require to use ductile materials to avoid brittle failure, however, the stress triaxiality reduces the ductility and the danger of brittle failure increases.