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Cavitation, where continued tension results in shear yielding, thereby extending the void length, ligament length, and degree of crazing, the latter of which both increases strength and stiffness but also acts as a precursor to brittle failure.
Precursory microcracking and brittle failure of Latur basalt and migmatite gneiss under compressive loading.
2014, A Potential Strain Indicator for Brittle Failure Prediction of Low-Porosity Rock: Part II--Theoretical Studies Based on Renormalization Group Theory.
Despite the brittle failure modes present in the GFRP component as explained later, it remained stable in terms of sustaining load for a substantive degree of axial shortening.
The modeled crack was open at the initial stage of calculations because of the recommended starting notch for brittle failure to avoid ductile fracture at fracture splitting process.
Residual stress will often lead to brittle failure, so the part must be carefully designed, molded, sometimes post-treated, and attention must be paid to maintaining tolerances.
All these fracture FNCT samples surface shows more brittle failure in terms of FNCT terminology according to the ISO 16770 [11].
Depending on the combination of these parameters, the ultimate loads and failure mode can change; in the worst case shear brittle failure (diagonal splitting) occurs, while in the best case ductile flexural failure mode is observed.
General information: The presence of impurities at grain boundaries in steels can cause intergranular brittle failure in stress corrosion, impact or creep situations.
Passing criteria were considered to be the values designated in ISO 10328 condition II A125 level (4,426 N for brittle failure and 3,421 N for ductile failure).
These results confirm that XLT-EO1 exhibits about 15-20 % higher impact efficiency than E8180, and the onset temperature to brittle failure decreased almost 10[degrees]C.
There is also discussion of topics including crack pattern evolution and complexity of brittle failure in rock, the effect of a binary admixture of fly ash and slag on the carbonation of concrete for hydraulic structure, modification of a grooved paulownia wood sandwich, and mechanical properties of phosphoaluminate cement.