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Such conditions can be either coarse grinding (where the brittle fracture mechanism dominates) and fine or ductile regime grinding (where plastic deformation mechanism dominates).
Therefore, in the case of polymeric brittle fracture as being observed for the copolymer films, the crystalline regions contribute to the rigidity and fracture strength, and the amorphous regions contribute to the deformation of the copolymer film.
For any given hoop stress spanning the brittle fracture regime, the SDR-11 and SDR-17 pipes appear to perform in a very similar fashion.
On the contrary, if the stress of the tip of the locally plastically deformed zone reaches the craze strength by increasing the applied load before the general yielding occurs, a brittle fracture is initiated from the craze, which is formed ahead of the locally plastically deformed zone.
Unfortunately, a simple model available in literature based on competition between ductile and brittle fracture (11) did not fit our results.
It exhibits brittle fracture especially under conditions of plane-strain, low temperature and high strain rates.
It is clear that in the case of the conventional material, there is complete brittle fracture at -60[degrees]C.
This transition is associated with a reduction in the free volume of the glass, and results in an increase in the yield stress (7-9), and a transition from ductile to brittle fracture (20-22).
Lower bainite is not considered for crackable con-rod use due to its very thin cementite structure, because it is too elastic and tough, so brittle fracture could not be obtained.
The fracture surface of the glass fibers demonstrated classical mist, mirror, and hackle features indicative of brittle fracture, as shown in Figure 4.
IC] (fracture toughness), which quantitatively evaluates the material's property to resist brittle fracture.
In addition to the above problem, the above laboratory tests do not always generate brittle fracture in a way similar to that observed in service.