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That is, for any increase (decrease) in no antibiotic use, there must be a compensating decrease (increase) in the probability of any broad-spectrum antibiotic use and/or narrow-spectrum-only antibiotic use.
The perceived association between broad-spectrum antibiotic use and better cure rates may regularly contribute to inappropriate antibiotic selection and warrants further attention from appropriate antibiotic use initiatives.
Interaction between broad-spectrum antibiotics and the combined oral contraceptive pill.
Internists were the highest prescribers of broad-spectrum antibiotics for acute upper respiratory tract infections in one study Dr.
SAN DIEGO -- Narrow-spectrum antibiotics yield outcomes that are at least comparable to, if not better than, broad-spectrum antibiotics when prescribed to children with appendicitis, according to a retrospective cohort study presented at the annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies.
After treatment with broad-spectrum antibiotics he was started on chemotherapy.
The classic presenting pattern is a woman whose pelvic tenderness and constitutional symptoms of pelvic infection are resolving in the face of broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy, but who continues to experience a high and spiking fever.
Although one case is not enough to substantiate recommendations, we believe that the appropriate authorities should require airline companies to add a broad-spectrum antibiotic preparation to the emergency kit.
Due to chloramphenicol's potency and the lack of a known safe level of human exposure, the broad-spectrum antibiotic is reserved for the treatment of serious infections.
Such narrow-spectrum antibacterial killing avoids the collateral damage to beneficial bacteria such as that caused by broad-spectrum antibiotic use.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Black children were less likely than nonblack children to receive an otitis media diagnosis and, when treated for otitis media, were less likely to receive a broad-spectrum antibiotic, national survey data showed.
Broad-spectrum antibiotic treatment frequently negatively impacts the normal intestinal microflora.