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Meanwhile, the Distributed Vehicular Broadcast protocol (DV-CAST) [23] uses a combination of broadcast suppression and a store-carry-forward mechanism to overcome the broadcast storm problem and carry a message in an intermittently connected network, respectively.
It only reduces the probability and chance of occurrences of broadcast storm problem (BSP).
EDB (Efficient Directional Broadcast) [20] and LWPP (Light Weight p-Persistence) [21] both solve the broadcast storm problems by selecting a relay node to forward the packet.
If you find a broadcast storm this way, you can "partition" the port out of service with a mouse click.
The chip also has an integrated address look-up engine that supports 1,000 absolute MAC addresses, automatic address learning, aging and migration along with broadcast storm protection, comprehensive LED support and indicators for link, activity, full/half duplex and speed.
Other elements of the chip's design include an integrated address look-up engine that supports 1K absolute MAC address, automatic address learning, address aging and address migration, broadcast storm protection, comprehensive LED support, and indicators for link, activity, full-half duplex and speed.
Broadcast storm control to prevent broadcast traffic storms
They run tests, look for any connectivity issues or broadcast storms, make sure everything's working and consider it a job done.
Bamatraf from du agrees: " It is not recommended to use Ethernet for large numbers of branches and requires routers at the carrier edge to prevent broadcast storms.
This helps ensure that failures such as broadcast storms or spanning-tree loops in one data center are contained and do not propagate to other data centers, the company says.
To control the "hopping" to one direction and to avoid broadcast storms, we filter packet forwarding and route them hop-by-hop.

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