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GreenOwl's narrowcast traffic alerts revolutionize the radio broadcast traffic service by making the information highly personalized to the driver's route.
In addition to product enhancements, SIMS has increased the number of interfaces and connectivity to leading broadcast traffic systems.
This broadcast traffic is transmitted at lower speeds and spills across the entire wireless local area network (WLAN), slowing down the performance and capacity of WLANs.
Vicki Gabello, Print and Broadcast Traffic Manager at CarMax, an Extreme Reach client, said, "We now have a tool to enhance our creative work flow.
TrafficLand also provides a local or national XML feed for access to bandwidth-efficient traffic video for broadcast traffic reporting, media websites, navigation devices and applications, and mobile applications.
The introduction of personalized, real-time traffic was a breakthrough for the North American vehicle industry in 2004, which until then had relied on broadcast traffic services, such as radio, that provided regular but not personal updates.
Also, as part of his new role, Bochicchio will take on responsibility for the Broadcast Traffic Department.
We were the first company to broadcast traffic information and now we are the first to offer navigational service in Mexico City," said Lance Locher, Senior Vice President, Clear Channel Radio's Total Traffic Network.
HOT BIRD(TM) 8 will assume all broadcast traffic currently carried by the 20-transponder HOT BIRD(TM) 3 which will subsequently continue commercial service at an alternative location.
TrafficLand is also the leading provider of live traffic video content for broadcast traffic reporting and media websites.

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