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The router transfers packets between subnetworks, enforces security between workgroups and controls broadcast traffic.
Joining Speedsafe in Unit 1 is Broadcast Traffic Systems (BTS), which offers television broadcasting software solutions through internet technology.
The FCC heard from numerous local governments that would broadcast traffic and public safety information, from churches that would air services, from schools that would broadcast schedule changes, and from community health organizations that would air AIDS-prevention information.
For example, zones can be set up that divert all IP broadcast traffic away from certain ports.
But Layer 2 switches, really being bridges, for the most part flunked the scalability test - unless they had virtual LAN capability, they couldn't contain broadcast traffic.
The performance benefits of LAN segmentation are retained while the logical overlay controls broadcast traffic and creates secure communities of interest.
Contract awarded for Match broadcast traffic building services (security, cleaning, facilities)
These new capabilities improve end-to-end monitoring of video quality for broadcast traffic delivered via satellite.

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