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For those broadcasters who are less than responsible, the FCC needs to have the teeth to enforce the law,'' he said.
Taking someone who has never been a farm broadcaster and having them read markets and conduct interviews can sound daunting, but it makes for a great radio program.
11 tragedy, the building immediately acted to provide the power, space and infrastructure necessary for these television and FM broadcasters.
Broadcasters aren't pleased that digital transmissions are less reliably received than analog broadcasts.
It misses the price-gouging which some broadcasters inflict on political and non-political advertisers alike during the heavy campaign season.
The Children's Television Act required broadcasters to serve children, but only in the most general terms was service to children defined, and Republicans made it clear that implementation would be left up to broadcasters.
The licenses will permit the broadcasters to air programs through digital signals, which offer higher picture quality than currently used analog broadcasting.
sponsor of the Telecommunications Ownership Diversification Act of 2002, which would bring back the tax certificate program that offers large broadcasters a break on capital gains taxes if they sell their stations to minorities.
In the past, when serious competition threatened established broadcasters, the feds were able to hold off the hordes.
After 2006, broadcasters will no longer transmit programs in analog.
Lobbyist Jim May of the National Association of Broadcasters says with a "That's all we have to do.
OTCBB: BCSR), the next generation web site and video community that empowers community members to become broadcasters, announced today the launch of its Powerlink technology, a free traffic sharing innovation.

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