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The results show that many firms in this industry have evolved in their e-technology use beyond simple brochureware websites and are performing actual e-business transactions including e-procurement, and to a lesser degree sales over the Internet.
JBS believes that companies choose the lower cost, brochureware web presence because they consider the entry costs to e-commerce too high.
Chesky continued, "Our mission has focused on transforming financial institution websites from brochureware to e-commerce sites designed to generate the value-added, recurring, non-cyclical fee income that is critical to financial institutions' long-term survival - and eliminate the need for third party vendors who can keep upwards of 90% of the fee income generated from a depositor's purchases.
In other words, a kind of brochureware for the mobile age.
These websites range from simple home pages providing nothing more than brochureware to fully transactional Internet banking portals.
But the urge to move beyond the informational Web site, or brochureware, has erupted into a groundswell of activity as carriers scramble to make their business e-ready.
Out of the 100 companies surveyed 52 per cent did not have a website and 36 per cent had brochureware sites and only two per cent had websites clearly designed to deliver business benefits.