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The results show that many firms in this industry have evolved in their e-technology use beyond simple brochureware websites and are performing actual e-business transactions including e-procurement, and to a lesser degree sales over the Internet.
Brochureware came first, followed by simple e-commerce, Vidali says.
JBS believes that companies choose the lower cost, brochureware web presence because they consider the entry costs to e-commerce too high.
You go to a software company's Web site and blow through the expensive brochureware because it's just a bunch of bushwa.
Where should you begin your efforts to move from today's brochureware websites to real-time, end-to-end, consumer-centric e-commerce business?
Yet many companies bury that very basic information on their websites under layers of glossy brochureware and marketing copy, making what should be a slam-dunk informative visit a fruitless exercise.
If it were, it says, "at this stage in its development there would be a mix of insurers with brochureware or information-only apps and early adopters with transactional systems that were clearly communicating with back end systems.