Broken car parts - liability?

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Country: South Africa
State: All States/Provinces

I have a land rover freely ender. The cam belt broke; it was supposed to be replaced at the 120000 km mark. This service was due when I purchased the car. The company that serviced the car said it was "ok". Now at 142000 km the belt has bracken. The warranty company has agreed to pay out for the cam belt as covered (R2500.00). However, the engine was damaged when the cam belt broke. The warranty company does not want to pay for the engine repairs even though the engine was also covered by them (for 10 000.00). The repair is costing R9900.00; this leaves me a short fall of + - R7500.00. Is the warranty company liable for this amount, or the company that was supposed to change the belt at the service mark or am I liable for the remaining amount?


You indeed could sue to hold them liable for the damage they caused.or threaten to do so anyway.
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