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The idea of Amelia broken-hearted and lonely tore that good-natured soul with anguish.
I confess I was angry with the broken-hearted old woman passing away in the obstinacy of her mute distrust of her daughter.
You have to thank me, Ned, for being of good family; for your mother, charming person as she was, and almost broken-hearted, and so forth, as she left me, when she was prematurely compelled to become immortal--had nothing to boast of in that respect.
When he left me for my good - he never would have left me for his own - I know he was almost broken-hearted with the trial.
Almost broken-hearted, Nell withdrew with the schoolmaster from the bedside and returned to his cottage.
The country singer said he was "crushed" and broken-hearted that none of the shows could be salvaged.
Come September, Melbourne's Hilton Hotel at South Wharf will offer a night of pampering for the broken-hearted exactly like its Sydney-based operation.
Summary: One of Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses, Jamie Jungers, has said she was left broken-hearted following the end of their relationship.
30pm) Maria is left broken-hearted by Tony's actions and sets about removing all traces of him from her life, as Ryan swears revenge on his uncle's killer.