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From September 2010 to June 2013, Fast Easy Loans Pty Ltd (Fast Easy) acted as the broker for a related lender, Easy Finance Loans Pty Ltd (Easy Finance), and unlawfully charged consumers a brokerage fee in excess of certain state and territory interest rate caps.
A softening commercial property/ casualty market, sporadic decreases in contingent commissions and the complete removal of annuity commissions not earned via securities units from insurance brokerage fee income totals also slowed growth.
a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, may earn brokerage fees upon the sale of certain managed cable television systems to third parties.
The average brokerage fee per commission note for custodian account customers in 2006 was SEK 94 (SEK 94).
81 billion in insurance brokerage fees this year, the second highest on record, fees dropped 10.
The company said the extended slump in the Tokyo stock market contributed to lower brokerage fees by 32.
With that in mind, it may be best to invest in individual agency bonds as a substitute for Treasuries when you're looking to preserve a certain amount of savings for a specific target, such as college or retirement Ask your broker to price both an agency bond and a comparable Treasury, and factor in the brokerage fees in both cases when comparing yields.
Newly formed REITs, he said, must also use 75 percent or more of the cash proceeds to either pay down debt on the property, make capital improvements or pay fees, including brokerage fees and commissions, to or on behalf of tenants.
Against the backdrop of a sluggish stock market, revenues from brokerage fees dropped 54.
The Reebok trades cost him $1,400, plus brokerage fees.