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Kata - junior: Gold Darren May (Bushido) and Callum Thompson (Battle Hill), silver Glen Young (Battle Hill) and Simon Page (Hokojun), bronze Chris Young (Battle Hill) and Callum Thompson (Battle Hill).
The silver star is worn in the some manner as the bronze star, but each silver star is warn in lieu of five bronze service stars.
A good many monuments were removed and melted down during the 1939-1945 war, not least a large and spectacular hot air balloon in bronze by Bartholdi -- the sculptor responsible for the Statue of Liberty.
Our "processional passage" is punctuated by a series of devotional stops, including a penultimate pause in the Fourth Room before the recessed niche containing Neil Estern's bronze statue of Our First Lady of the United Nations and World Peace, Eleanor Roosevelt, her hands dutifully crossed in a manner studiously imitated by Hillary Clinton.
So much for the long-held notion of placid patches of tin slowly trading atoms with the underlying copper to make bronze.
Luigi dei Francesi, Montagu cleverly opens the door for us to the little-known but talented Jacob Cobaert and a new world of the small Roman baroque bronze, by examining the fascinating transformations that occur to these works in Roman churches through use, thefts, restorations, and regilding campaigns.
Female Bronze Medal, First Place ($3,000) Mariko Miyauchi (22), Japan
Increasingly bronze came to be used for tools and for weapons and armor, too.
Recently, the research group gave four alternative funds a Bronze rating, noting that the ratings system is "not an easy bar to clear" when it comes to alternatives.
15 and over: Keelan Fitton 1 gold, 1 bronze and 3 finals; Devyn Leask 3 finals; Emily Hirst 3 finals; Avril Bowler 2 finals.
1974 Christchurch, New Zealand Gold 3, Silver 5, Bronze 11.
The OptiMed Essential Bronze Plus program may provide a cost savings when complying with the rules and requirements governing the Affordable Care Act.