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In feudal England, a type of tenure by which a tenant was permitted to use real property that belonged to a lord in exchange for the performance of some service, such as providing young women for the use and pleasure of the lord.

An individual who, for a fee, supplies another individual with a prostitute for sexual purposes. To pander, or cater to the sexual desires of others in exchange for money.



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n. a person who procures a prostitute for customers or vice versa, sharing the profits of the woman's activities. Supposedly he provides protection for the prostitutes, but quite often he will threaten, brutalize, rape, cheat and induce drug addiction of his women. A pimp commits the crime of pandering. (See: prostitution, pander, panderer)

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In the 1860s, for example, Liverpool 'respectable' men, "merchants who on the Exchange and at home pass for gentlemen," could be seen engaged in 'indecorous' dalliance in a notorious brothel-keeper's booth at Aintree.
It may be, as the brothel-keeper says, that the same stories recur with different actors, or it may be that "nulle histoire humaine n'est une petite histoire." The novel manifests how remembering and forgetting constitute history and its agents.
If a brothel-keeper had been designing his ideal business premises, he could hardly have improved upon Needless Alley.
A BROTHEL-KEEPER'S wife wants to turn her husband's sex sauna into a nursery school.
The baldy brothel-keeper is believed to have rented an exclusive Dublin apartment where Romanian girls were forced to work for FREE while their earnings were split between him and their Romanian pimp.
Madam Arvidson, the soothsayer (Rebecca de Pont Davis), doubled as a brothel-keeper, and many of the courtiers arrived to consult her in drag.
But though the play has a cast of six -- the ever-lively Di Botcher is seen all too briefly as a willing brothel-keeper of sorts -- Teddy and Plato inevitably take centerstage, and director Simon Usher might have been more scrupulous about seeing that the actors in those roles don't take over the production.
In another episode the boys express their dislike for a brothel-keeper, who has thirty cats and one dog of which she is very fond, by flinging the dog under the roller of a steam engine of the street-cleaning department, killing it before the driver can even see it.
Barnaby wonders if a local former brothel-keeper could know more than she's letting on.
PEOPLE living next door to Birmingham's 'Madam Sin' today leapt to the defence of the city brothel-keeper and insisted: "We couldn't wish for a better neighbour".
Cynthia Payne began the decade in jail as a notorious brothel-keeper. By 1987, she had been acquitted of the crime and the public cheered.