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In feudal England, a type of tenure by which a tenant was permitted to use real property that belonged to a lord in exchange for the performance of some service, such as providing young women for the use and pleasure of the lord.

An individual who, for a fee, supplies another individual with a prostitute for sexual purposes. To pander, or cater to the sexual desires of others in exchange for money.




n. a person who procures a prostitute for customers or vice versa, sharing the profits of the woman's activities. Supposedly he provides protection for the prostitutes, but quite often he will threaten, brutalize, rape, cheat and induce drug addiction of his women. A pimp commits the crime of pandering. (See: prostitution, pander, panderer)

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That said, brothel-keepers promoted or resisted coercion of their daughters to market sex and intimidated the prostitutes they employed.
These days the actor, who is about to play a foul-mouthed brothel-keeper in Deadwood, keeps the boozing and womanising strictly for the cameras.
When the Gazette talked to brothel-keeper Brenda Wilson she admitted being "scared stiff" of another police raid.
These include a militant taxi-driver and a poetic retired brothel-keeper.
He claims to have lived an action-packed 70 years - starting off as a bank clerk and moving on to become a pirate, brothel-keeper, spy and gun runner and is currently writing his memoirs, which are due to be published next year.
60] The memoirs of a Manchester brothel-keeper in 1865 show how her more upmarket club was frequented by both upper and middle-class male visitors.
Rue des pas perdus follows the peregrinations of a series of characters as antitypes in an urban setting: a postal employee, his co-worker and lover, and their enervated host, Gerard; a taxi driver who is searching for his Toyota together with Letoile, an apparently streetwise ten- year-old boy; a jester of the ravine; and a brothel-keeper who continually addresses herself as if to an audience of listeners.
An investigation was launched earlier this week after claims a defendant, later named in reports as former brothel-keeper Myra Ling-Ling Forde, had escaped prosecution after saying they would link Sir Edward to child sex claims.
It is alleged the words suggested Mr O'Toole was a brothel-keeper, that his home was the haunt of undesirables and he was or is involved in racketeering.
If a brothel-keeper had been designing his ideal business premises, he could hardly have improved upon Needless Alley.
I WAS interested in the statements made by the brothel-keeper Linda Miller because she talks frankly about the need for brothels and is absolutely correct (June 23).