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BROTHELS, crim. law. Bawdy-houses, the common habitations of prostitutes; such places have always been deemed common nuisances in the United States, and the keepers of them may be fined and imprisoned.
     2. Till the time of Henry VIII, they were licensed in England, when that lascivious prince suppressed them. Vide 2 Inst. 205, 6; for the history of these pernicious places, see Merl. Rep. mot Bordel Parent Duchatellet, De la Prostitution dans la ville de Paris, c. 5, Sec. 1; Histoire de la Legislation sur les femmes publiques, & c., par M. Sabatier.

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Ravi Raja Kumar, a 48-year-old from Hull, and a woman from Liverpool, Chi Peng Iok, 45, pleaded guilty at York Crown Court yesterday to conspiracy to manage brothels.
7,8) These include chronic instability due to local political persecution, strict control by brothel owners, frequent geographical migration and competition between brothels and women themselves.
A TOP pimp who ran his network of seedy brothels according to his "bible" was jailed for just over a year yesterday.
He claimed he had gone to one of her brothels for a massage for a bad back.
The Home Office backed such a plan in 2006 but it was dropped after opposition from local communities, who feared it would lead to more brothels springing up.
She said that if brothels were legalised, it would be easier to give sex advice, condoms and screening for sexuallytransmitted diseases to prostitutes.
The pair were jailed for their part in the running of a series of brothels including some in Scarborough and York, Cleveland, Humberside, Bedfordshire and Cheshire, between May 2005 and December 2007.
So Nicky challenges them to travel the world in search of best practice in brothel management, taking in the red light district of Amsterdam, the sex ranches of Nevada and the brothels of New Zealand.
A MADAM wrote a shopping list to kit out prostitutes who came from Lithuania to work in her brothels.
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, September 2006: To prepare to write this novel (in poetry format), McCormick traveled to Nepal and India to interview prostitutes in brothels and also girls who have been rescued from the sex trade.
It was revealed in court the police were aware of this activity and regularly visited the brothels to check for drugs, use of under-age girls or to gather intelligence.
TWO brothels have been smashed by police in a crackdown on the illegal Asian sex slave trade.