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BROTHELS, crim. law. Bawdy-houses, the common habitations of prostitutes; such places have always been deemed common nuisances in the United States, and the keepers of them may be fined and imprisoned.
     2. Till the time of Henry VIII, they were licensed in England, when that lascivious prince suppressed them. Vide 2 Inst. 205, 6; for the history of these pernicious places, see Merl. Rep. mot Bordel Parent Duchatellet, De la Prostitution dans la ville de Paris, c. 5, Sec. 1; Histoire de la Legislation sur les femmes publiques, & c., par M. Sabatier.

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According to the independent charity, more and more of the sex shops are on the rise while the legal situation over brothels remains complex.
Gemma Wilson, of Crimestoppers, said: "These brothels are dens for criminals to recruit and house vulnerable women who are then put through ordeals no woman should have to go through.
The details of owners were received after issuing summons to different agencies, which had then provided different names for the same brothels.
Two reported brothels operating on residential streets in Birmingham were closed last week and another was found to have netted its owners PS7 million.
Antrim Crown Court heard he was involved in the management "or assisted in the management" of brothels in Kitchener Street, CUBa Connsbrook Avenue and University Court in South Belfast on between January and December 2014.
She was already on the war path after the moronic Bacchus let a fellow cop off the hook when they caught him entering a brothel.
The producers of "Game of Thrones" Season 5 have shared some details about building a brothel set in the upcoming season.
The trio stand accused of helping to operate brothels at locations across Tyneside.
ISLAMABAD -- Prostitution is on the rise in Federal Capital as around 300 new brothels have been opened , in addition to illegal pubs.
THE manager of two Huddersfield brothels has avoided prison.
RAWALPINDI, April 12, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Sadiqabad Police have decided to launch full fledge operation against the brothel houses and people running brothels in different areas of the Sadiqabad.
Lui, 55, herself a former prostitute, converted the rented properties into brothels and recruited a succession of Chinese and South East Asian women to operate from them.