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This section is less rich in details than the previous one, and it reads more as a general historical overview of what happened with and within the brotherhoods during the twentieth century.
It clearly explains the ways in which Afro-Brazilians have appropriated the brotherhoods to create a community in Minas Gerais since the colonial times.
In 1928, the seeds sown by Afghani and nurtured by Abduh came to fruition with the creation of the Muslim Brotherhood.
The Brotherhood was organized into cells--called "families"--of five to seven members.
The Brotherhood was more than a movement," comments Dreyfuss.
The railroad brotherhoods had to protect the interests of members of their craft, white or black, member or not.
Arnesen details the familiar story of the emergence of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, under the leadership of A.
Andreae was certainly curious about God's secrets and interested in esoteric matters; however, his Christianopolis was far removed from the "invisible" brotherhoods being bruited about Europe at the time.
We especially need to try to look at these manifestos not from the perspective of the public furor that followed their publication and the subsequent centuries of partisan scholarship, but rather from the perspective of Andreae's lifelong commitment to learned brotherhoods.
This essay attempts to demystify Andreae by examining the manifestos within the context of his other writings and his lifelong efforts to found a Protestant utopian brotherhood.
Thus, activists in the railroad brotherhoods, together with the wives and sisters of organized railwaymen based in the women's auxiliaries, turned their attention to the problem of masculine intemperance.
Temperance had been a core principle of the railroad brotherhoods from their earliest days in the 1860s and 1870s.