brought to light

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One of the merits of the general analysis of mind which we shall be concerned with in the following lectures is that it removes the atmosphere of mystery from the phenomena brought to light by the psycho-analysts.
When the proper time arrives, all that the gentleman intended, and all that he did not intend, will be brought to light, in the "Dial," or the "Down-Easter," together with all that he ought to have intended, and the rest that he clearly meant to intend: -- so that it will all come very straight in the end.
Then this country over which we are now passing, more fertile, richer, and fuller of vitality than the rest, will become some grand realm where more astonishing discoveries than steam and electricity will be brought to light.
Summary: A labor union Wednesday announced a protest for this week in Beirut to call on the government to take action against the scandals which have been brought to light and address the socio-economic crisis.
Children have brought to light the plight of the disappearing honey bee through their art.
4 : public knowledge <Facts were brought to light during the trial.
Carr explained that the war on terrorism has brought to light limitations to officer personnel management that officials just hadn't contemplated.
The shootings at Red Lake High School this spring brought to light some ugly statistics: Suicide among Native American youth is roughly 2.