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Businesses should invest in technology solutions that have the ability to automate acceleration of web content such as a mobile browser cache that offers site owners the ability to configure persistent, reliable storage for caching objects from their site on mobile devices, enabling significant acceleration also for mobile users.
A variation of the Drive-by-Download attack is the Drive-by-Cache attack that can exploit browser cache functionality in order to execute malware.
When enabled, the cache cleaning utility automatically runs when users logout or disconnect, clearing all traces of the secure session from the Web browser cache and history.
For example, Web browser cache cleaning and host-integrity checks purge browser-and application-specific caches upon completion of the user's session, validate the remote node's security status and configuration settings prior to enabling network access, and create an encrypted workspace on the remote node to help ensure against information leakage.
The Attachment Wiper product operates by deleting all forms of temporary files, browser cache, downloaded files and pages, cookies, history information, user credentials and other information that could be recorded by a web browser throughout the course of an SSL VPN session.
This is fine up to a point - the browser cache, for instance, stores copies of web pages so they load more quickly next time, and the History file records the address of the sites you browse - but do you want all this information to be accessible to anyone else using your PC?
The software works by allowing all users on the network to share Web content stored in each local PC's browser cache, the memory computers use to store Web content.
GenePage is a tool that sits beside a web browser on a client and compiles an "xml-style" HTML web page detailing the user's interests and likely areas of expertise, by analyzing browser data such as history files and browser cache.