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It is not good enough for the MOD to brush away these figures by saying there are fewer suicides.
Having your cake and eating it is what the rich do - because the rich always have more cake anyway, and a valet or lady's maid to brush away the crumbs" Writer Will Self.
are on the move, trimming vegetation, limbs and brush away from power lines in Huntsville.
Scientists would no doubt argue that with the lighter evenings and a few days at home it's only natural that we would want to get moving and brush away the cobwebs.
Before you open the fuel cap, make sure to brush away any dirt or sand first.
DeWalt solved this problem by making a nut driver that has a magnet holder with a little plunger so you can simply brush away the shavings--it beats the heck out of picking them out with tweezers.
A couple of things have come to mind in that the lads on the traps were sweeping them out and chucked the brush away which he saw and tried to get before the trial, and he also had a bad fall at Nottingham so was that in his mind, although he'd done a good enough trial there the week before.
So I''ll just accept all the treatment & brush away the fear, And wait for the day the doctor says, Good news Mr C - It''s clear
However, with a tournament on the doorstep, Constable is trying to brush away the cobwebs in time for the event.
Brushing teeth immediately after eating or drinking is NOT recommended, as brushing when the teeth are slightly demineralised can brush away minute particles of enamel.
BRUSH away your Monday blues BRUSH away your Monday blues and look ahead to summer with our brilliant flight offer