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Before you open the fuel cap, make sure to brush away any dirt or sand first.
THEY SAY "You have changed the way you style your hair but you can't brush away the facts.
Wait an hour and then vacuum or brush away the salt.
This is the first step in a great "calculation" by Robert Kennedy that Steel introduces as follows: "Bobby had to transmute his brother, brush away his failures and omissions, and create a legend based on expectation.
Gather a magnifying glass, a jar with a lid, a pencil, a notebook, newspaper, a ruler, a flashlight, a garden trowel and gloves, a flat tray, and a brush to gently brush away the dirt.
70,000-square-mile service territory from Eureka to Bakersfield -- Clearing brush away from 120,000 distribution poles -- Inspection of 90,000 miles of overhead power lines -- Testing approximately 250,000 wooden distribution poles -- Replacement or reinforcement of 20,000 distribution poles
Our long-term economic plan is working" Chancellor George Osborne in his Autumn Statement "You have changed the way you style your hair but you can't brush away the facts.
Scientists would no doubt argue that with the lighter evenings and a few days at home it's only natural that we would want to get moving and brush away the cobwebs.
The first sad year is over mam without you by our side, many times we've needed you, many times we've cried, the tears in our eyes we can't brush away, the ache in our heart is here to stay.
The bulldozers moved in some time ago to brush away the old and usher in the new.
A This is your own choice - just make sure you brush away all the plaque as part of your regular routine.