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Over the past year, Oracle has led the following Linux enhancements: development of a new file system, btrfs, designed for superior scaling; continuing advancements to clustering via Oracle Cluster File System (OCSF2); leading an open source interface project to expose the T10 Data Integrity Field (DIF) standard to help reduce system downtime; open sourcing tools to streamline testing; collaborating on an interface for comprehensive data integrity and developing a new asynchronous I/O interface to reduce complexity; virtualization; and much more.
Snapshot-based replication enables local and remote recovery: the Snapshot and Replication technology that comes with the advanced Btrfs file system reduces the impact of massive reading / writing on hard drives and high bandwidth consumption caused by traditional backup.
It comes with the Btrfs file system -- a next generation, enterprise feature.
Next generation storage efficiency: By using the Btrfs file system; the RC18015xs+ brings quota control for: shared folders, user accounts, and a built-in data integrity check.