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BUBBLE ACT, Eng. law. The name given to the statute 6 Geo. I., c. 18, which was passed in 1719, and was intended " for restraining several extravagant and unwarrantable practices therein mentioned." See 2 P. Wms. 219.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Right now, the cannabis industry is being kneecapped by federal drug and trade policies, but people who talk about a cannabis bubble act as if the industry is run like the largely unregulated wild west of the dot-com craze.
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The show combines multiple acts such as Bola Bola, Adagio Duo, the Bubble Act and the Unicycle Jugglers Family.
"I have some gags for [the audience], from a toilet paper extravaganza to a hilarious bubble act...
England's legislative response to the bursting of the South Sea bubble three centuries back, the Bubble Act of 1721, was a ban on the founding of joint-stock companies without a royal charter--a provision that slowed the development of British industry.
They encouraged the politicians (many of whom were their own shareholders) to adopt the so-called Bubble Act requiring all companies issuing shares to have a royal charter.
Long before the starting date for this study, which is the date of the Bubble Act of 1720, there had existed firms of one kind or another, which had engaged in production, commerce, and consumption.
It may be that the selective granting of incorporation, which did not end until the Bubble Act of 1720, significantly constrained the development of business formation.
The South Sea Bubble produced so many corrupt profiteers and gullible victims that the Bubble Act of 1720 banned all joint-stock companies, except those established by separate Act of Parliament, for two centuries.
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