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The mean duration for epithelization of buccal fat pad was 4 weeks and for mucosilization of nasolabial flap was 5.
Since the versatility and usefulness of the buccal fat pad was already proved and particularly due to its proximity to posterior region, raising of the buccal fat pad and covering of the remaining defect with nasolabial flap raised on a small area, will reduce the efforts of the surgeon in reaching inaccessible areas also reducing the range of widening of commissure.
Resection (2) in aesthetic corrections of the face; and in implant-graft coating (3) Oral defect closure using the buccal fat pad has been employed because it is less time consuming, relatively easy to perform and has a high success rate.
The buccal fat pad fills the deep tissue spaces, acts as gliding pads when masticatory and mimetic muscles contract, and cushions important structures from the forces generated by muscle contraction.
Tideman Henk, MD, DDS, PHD, and nabil samman, BDS, MD, FDS, closure of oroantral communications using a pedicled buccal fat pad graft.
Traumatic herniation of buccal fat pad (traumatic pseudolipoma) in a 4 year old boy: a case report.
It was concluded that buccal fat pad is a convenient, feasible and quick method of reconstruction for sealing intraoral defects.
Key Words: Minor oral surgery, dental extractions complications, buccal fat pad flap, oroantral fistula.
Martin Granizo Use of buccal fat pad to repair intraoral defects: review of 30 cases.
Closure of oroantral communication using buccal fat pad graft-case report.
In addition, the buccal fat pad pedicled flap can cover the whole surgical defect.