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To start with, she inscribes the figure of the female peasant in the representation of the rural landscape, thus making her experience visible, but instead of presenting her as a coquettish shepherdess--as much bucolic poetry does--Boland's Achill woman exposes the privations of the rural world and the inequalities within Irish society.
While the fictive idyllic landscapes envisioned in so many backgrounds were undoubtedly rooted in bucolic poetry, whether by such ancients as Virgil or such moderns as Sannazaro, the yearning for contact with land is palpable in this city balancing on stilts in the middle of a lagoon.
In Before Pastoral: Theocritus and the Ancient Tradition of Bucolic Poetry, David Halperin writes that "because pastoral, despite its tendency to invade the province of other well-established literary categories, had traditionally been assigned a discrete place in the literary taxonomies of the past, its status has been left in considerable uncertainty by the current flux of critical theory" (30).