fiscal year

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fiscal year (tax year)

the year from 6 April until the following 5 April, named by the two calendar years that it spans, e.g. 2007/08 is the year starting on 6 April 2007 and ending on 5 April 2008.
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Passage of the GOP measures sets the stage for months of wrangling with the administration over a final spending plan for the budget year that begins Oct.
If a report is for a year before or after the Budget Year, you can add or subtract one at the end of the formula: =[Forms]![Reports Menu]![BudgetYear]+1.
Obama's budget, which proposes spending $3.9 trillion in the budget year that begins on October 1, included many spending and tax proposals he has put forward before.
An analogical ban is also valid for expenditure made at the end of a budget year. These expenses cannot be higher than obtained current revenues combined with budget surplus from previous years and free resources.
In the current budget year, the court-related functions for clerks are budgeted from all sources at approximately $450 million while the court system is budgeted at around $436 million.
Presenting the Railway Budget for 2011-12, Banerjee said: "Railways proposes to take up construction of these lines in the 12th Five Year Plan since this budget year is the terminal year of the 11th Five Year Plan.
Potable water facilities constructed in the just concluded Ethiopian budget year in Somali State at a cost of 292 million birr are benefiting over two million people state's Mines and Energy Bureau said.
Rather than default to a plan that relies on tax increases, the focus of this budget year should be on streamlining government and delivering essential services in an efficient and effective manner.
The country's budget deficit was down also in the first two months of this budget year to 5,392 million TL, marking a %47.9 year-on-year drop.
TEHRAN: Iran needs an additional $6.5 billion to help pay for imports of gasoline and diesel fuel during the 2009-10 budget year, a senior Oil Ministry official said in remarks published on Tuesday.
The US federal deficit has ballooned past the $1 trillion mark for the first time and could grow to nearly $2 trillion by the end of the budget year.
Ethiopia's export revenue forecast for the budget year was 1.7 bln USD though it has seen a 13% short of target at this point.