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When the case begins, it is important to remember that even the most diligent attorneys can face budget overruns because of matters beyond their control.
At the same time, costs rose by a further pounds 208million during the year, taking the expected budget overrun to pounds 28billion.
At the same time costs rose by a further pounds 208 million in the course of the year, taking the total expected budget overrun to pounds 28 billion - a 12% increase on original estimates.
One even suggested it may turn out to be "the building with the highest budget overrun in recorded history".
Suhoski said there is a projected budget overrun of $800,000 on the Route 131 milling and resurfacing project because of substantial additional ledge, rock removal and pavement qualities.
"This first new nuclear project in 15 years has been blighted by problems," she said, referring to a two-year delay after construction was started and a budget overrun of at least 50% or 1.5 billion.
The Mater Hospital has approached the Bank of Ireland for a loan to fund a whopping EUR 5 million budget overrun.
Internal and external stakeholders both agreed it was destined for a massive and unsustainable budget overrun.
Enda Kenny has told his education and health ministers to make the increase in schools and hospitals to cut the budget overrun.
In agreeing to underwrite in full any budget overrun Birmingham City Council and Network Rail are leaving themselves open to unknown financial consequences.
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