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Trustees said they are eager to shine a better light on the district after a series of public relations nightmares in the past year that include fallout from construction delays, budget overruns and complaints of racism.
Bill Norlund said the financial crunch is the result of indebtedness from a $2 million budget overrun last year and a district funding formula that underfunds the smaller of the nine Los Angeles Community College campuses, like Mission.
Unlike Boston, LA has promised to cover any budget overruns, which, even at this stage of proceedings, are expected to exceed the forecast cost of $4 billion.
Our leadership worked to overcome the funding gaps to the best of their ability, but the deficit combined with budget overruns and an overall decrease in donations finally became an insurmountable situation.
This increase comes because of increased support costs requiring more support from utility funds and budget overruns for contractual and professional services.
BRENDAN Howlin, the guy who's always telling us the country is broke, is looking for [euro]33million because of budget overruns.
Still, a recent Government Accountability Office report made a valiant effort and concluded that the total budget overruns for current weapons systems stands at nearly $500 billion.
It will determine if the proposed development is feasible and highlight any potential problems such as; suitability of the site, planning approval, dealing with the local council, addressing objections from neighbours, budget overruns and so forth.
LN) have also experienced massive budget overruns in recent years.
Decades of budget overruns, schedule delays and overall mismanagement have made Defense Department acquisition programs a target of congressional critics, watchdog groups and even the Pentagon's own leadership.
experienced budget overruns at onshore LNG projects in the country.
To avoid unnecessary budget overruns, the defense acquisition community must maintain a commitment to systems engineering and integration throughout the program, portfolio, and enterprise life cycle.

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