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When programs are developed in such languages, it is possible to prove that buffer overflow cannot occur, no matter what the input.
Researchers also found during their reviews that one of the previously reported buffer overflow issues in OpenView NNM could still be exploited, even when the vendor-provided security patch designed to fix the problem was applied.
The Web server serves HTML that contains IFRAME buffer overflow code to automatically execute the virus.
The software scans Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, and Sybase databases for hundreds of vulnerabilities that facilitate SQL injection, buffer overflow, and other attacks.
Proventia Desktop currently offers the combined functionality of personal firewall, intrusion prevention, buffer overflow exploit prevention, application and communications protection and virus prevention technologies.
The current RV10 vulnerabilities are: -- Microsoft Windows DCOM RPC Interface Buffer Overrun (CAN-2003-0352) -- Microsoft IIS CGI Filename Decode Error (CVE-2001-0333) -- Microsoft Index Server and Indexing Service ISAPI Extension Buffer Overflow (CVE-2001-0500) -- Microsoft IIS Malformed HTR Request Buffer Overflow (CVE-2002-0071) -- Apache Chunked-Encoding Memory Corruption (CVE-2002-0392) -- ISC BIND SIG Cached Resource Record Buffer Overflow (sigrec bug) (CAN-2002-1219) -- Microsoft Windows 2000 IIS WebDAV Buffer Overflow (CAN-2003-0109) -- Sendmail Address Prescan Possible Memory Corruption (CAN-2003-0161) -- SSL Server Has SSLv2 Enabled (No CVE assigned) -- Writeable SNMP Information (No CVE assigned)
Application Protection - prevents buffer overflow attacks from passing control of a system to an external agent or crashing a system in a denial of service attack
McAfee Entercept solutions stop attacks against the Microsoft RPC exploit because of its first and only patented buffer overflow technology -- McAfee IntruShield stops the Cisco IOS vulnerability enabling companies to be safe now rather than rushing a major upgrade to their Cisco routers and switches -- Sniffer Technologies filters can be used to alert managers to the presence of the malicious traffic used to exploit the Cisco IOS vulnerability -- InfiniStream Security Forensics can be used to mine and reconstruct malicious traffic that was directed at specific routers