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2010 I remember more for the Jimmy Buffet bar than most anything else, but it was you who brought me to Vegas.
A minimalist firebox in the formal living area makes it a cosy place, while an enormous sky light and floating, built-in buffet bar makes the dining area a complete delight.
com will soon be adding more candy lines to offer their customers some additional choices when making their candy buffet bar unique to their party.
But the bright lighting and all-you-can-eat buffet bar is long gone, and in its place is a newly refurbished restaurant with stylish interior, a boutique hotel ambience and top quality service.
Cash taken from train buffet bar RAILWAY police are appealing for help to identify a man they would like to trace in connection with the theft of money from a buffet bar on board a train.
Both the population and the people in it were smaller then, which may explain why the Jamstick Bar and Buffet Bar, although both nice, are also cramped, as is the wood panelled hall.
We are at Stalybridge Railway Station's legendary buffet bar with its giant Victorian timepiece pointing soberly to 12.
Or try the famous Pizza Hut lunchtime buffet, available Monday to Friday: visit the buffet bar as many times as you like and help yourself to pizzas, pastas and salads for just pounds 4.
Ramadan has forced them to gorge and ransack the buffet bar early, leaving only scraps for our boys.
She was even seconded to the Stalybridge Buffet Bar for a few months when that famed venue became part of the organisation.
We also offer customers a hot buffet bar, as well as a wide variety of freshly prepared entr'es and gourmet delicacies, fresh-baked pizza, fresh-made sushi, a cold buffet bar, a Mediterranean olive bar and cheeses from around the world.