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Bon Pan Asian's director, Fiona Chen, said: "We are very excited to have signed our second Bon Pan Asian buffet restaurant, this time in a very prominent location in central Liverpool.
The Parkview, the buffet restaurant at Shilla Hotel, said it has been fully booked until Dec.
Cooking smells coming from the Khushi buffet restaurant in Linthorpe have landed the owners in courtkatie lunn
If you go to Asia, where I think a lot of food trends are coming from, buffet restaurants are really hip, people love going to them, and it is really high quality of food," Norden said.
Buffet Island Former inn with black-and-white timbered frontage transformed into a super popular Chinese buffet restaurant.
I'm often put off by chain buffet restaurants, but I'm glad I made the exception here.
Ren, who received training in running buffet restaurants in Taiwan, said the promotion was first held between Dec 12-19 but met with a lukewarm response.
MinZu Buffet Restaurant, 159 Corporation Street, Birmingham (0121 212 0886)
From satay to stir fry, from spring rolls to spare ribs and from sweet and sour to soy sauce - every thing you need to go Oriental at Birmingham's first specialist buffet restaurant, Big Wok.
They then race round the buffet restaurant stuffing themselves with food before "clocking out" as quickly as possible.
A new, 40,000-square-foot, Wiz electronics superstore will open at The Old Bridge Gateway in Spring, 1994, and a new, 10,000-square-foot Old Country Buffet restaurant is scheduled to open in the Fall, enlarging the center's gross lease area (GLA) to 240,000 square feet.