Building Line

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Building Line

A line that a Municipal Corporation establishes, beyond which no building may extend to ensure that its streets will appear uniform.

A building line is also known as the "set back" requirement.

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However, a strategic planning officer said that the design of the new building was not out of keep with the style of the estate and that there was no official building line.
These elite civic organizations would play a prominent role in the conflict over building line setbacks from the curb, a relatively obscure land use regulation that became a public issue in 1909 and continued to be a source of controversy through 1913.
Tenders are invited for Leackage repair of water supply pipe line at warder line main ward and other building line in RINPAS kanke under D.
Salini Impregilo is also part of a consortium including Ansaldo and Saudi contractor Nesma building Line 3 of the Riyadh Metro - for which groundbreaking work began earlier this month.
Buildings and Canopies says it is proud to present the newest addition to its evolving building line.
The building should at least been kept to the same building line as the Ramada hotel and restaurant balcony areas to maintain the southerly light to the area.
Merseytravel is still waiting to find out whether the government will change its mind and contribute pounds 170m towards building line one between Liverpool city centre and Kirkby.
Peter Cleary, of the St David's Partnership, said: 'The idea is to bring forward the building line in The Hayes to its original position, which will create intimacy.
Set back from the building line, it features a recessed service core clad in black granite.
Alas, even if they conformed to the building line, there is no architectural merit in the two rectangular boxes Conwy council is bent upon rushing through.
The long building line facing the River Avon and tree-laden landscape in the left-hand corner of the photograph houses the castle Chapel, Great Hall and State Rooms.

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