Building Line

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Building Line

A line that a Municipal Corporation establishes, beyond which no building may extend to ensure that its streets will appear uniform.

A building line is also known as the "set back" requirement.

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Supreme Court decision finding a building line ordinance unconstitutional, a decision that did not reach the issue of the constitutionality of the building lines themselves.
Conversely, if the structure has translucent walls, roof etc, is not in a conservation area and is behind the building line, then you may not require planning consent (I emphasise "may").
The north-west corner ends in a nine-storey block of offices reaching out to the normal building line.
We have formulated a total of eight beverages for the initial build out of the product line, including a strength, energy and stamina blend (tied to the Shockey promotions), a "supergreens" blend, an immune building line and a health and meal-replacement shake for diabetics.
It includes a covenant not to erect anything in front of a building line which is shown on a plan, but his proposals will mean that he does build forward of it.
The cost of actually building Line One is now estimated at around pounds 155m and Line Two pounds 147m.
At the back, the house is pulled away from the building line to create a space for the smallest of gardens.
The long building line facing the River Avon and tree-laden landscape in the left-hand corner of the photograph houses the castle Chapel, Great Hall and State Rooms.
Practice your favorite Empire State Building line from almost 100 movies (or stick with "An Affair to Remember" -- "It's as close to heaven as you can get.
The main criterion must surely be that of scale, and the only design sympathetic in size to the Three Graces is Alsop's, which does not extend beyond the present waterfront building line (although I can live without the canal).
Long colonnades run along the edges of the classroom blocks, formed by pulling back the lower floors from the building line, so that zones of shade and circulation are created underneath the overhanging upper floors.
Staircase renovation for the repair and energetic Sanireung of 5 building line, built in 1951, UG, EC-2.

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