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PRESERVATION. keeping safe from harm; avoiding injury. This term always presupposes a real or existing danger.
     2. A jettison, which is always for the preservation of the remainder of the cargo, must therefore be made only when there is a real danger existing. See Average; Jettison.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Whether a graduate from BTC's Building Preservation Technology Program goes on to work at a historic site (which many have done), or takes on a more construction-oriented role, one thing is certain--they leave the program with a deep appreciation for what was and what can be.
In 2012 the Tyne & Wear Building Preservation Trust produced a plan for repair and restoration of the Blackfell Hauler House, and then secured funding to restore the roof, external re-pointing, consolidation of the steelwork and new windows and doors to enable the building to be re-used.
Registered charity Manor Building Preservation Trust vowed to come up with redevelopment plans after buying the hall, near to a Bovis development of executive homes, from receivers for less than pounds 900,000 in 2003.
Deeg, ABD, is program coordinator and professor of Building Preservation and Restoration, VPAA, at Harford Community College in Bel Air, Md.
Yesterday, Ruthin-based Jones Bros, in partnership with the North Wales Building Preservation Trust (NWBPT) were chosen to take ownership of the Victorian asylum in Denbigh once the council's Compulsory Purchase Order is concluded.
The council is working with Merseyside Building Preservation Trust to work out what will happen to the building and has started a consultation with local people and businesses.
The repair operation to the staiths cost [pounds sterling]470,000 with owners Tyne and Wear Building Preservation Trust receiving a grant of [pounds sterling]418,900 from the Heritage Lottery Fund, with cash also coming from English Heritage.
Tyne and Wear Building Preservation Trust manager Martin Hulse said at the time: "The staithes are an iconic symbol of the region's industrial heritage."
He was active in the field of building preservation and served on the RIBA Council, was President of the Society of Architects in Wales 1977-1979 and chairman of the Civic Trust for Wales and the regional group of the Victorian Society.
Cadwgan Building Preservation Trust, which was originally established in 2001 to save two 300-year-old nearby cottages, is planning to turn the castle into "a place to celebrate Welsh culture".
The Weaver's House first opened its doors to the public on Heritage weekend in 2007, and so this year sees the completion of a very successful five years for Spon End Building Preservation Trust which was responsible for the restoration of the medieval terrace.

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