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noun care, cherishing, conservatio, conservation, curing, custody, defense, eternization, freeeom from danger, guardianship, guarding, immortalization, maintenance, nourishment, nurture, perpetuation, protective custody, safeguarding, safekeeping, safety, salvation, sanctuary, saving, security, shielding, storage, support, tuitio, upkeep, ward, wardship
See also: assistance, bulwark, conservation, continuation, custody, defense, ecology, maintenance, panoply, protection, safekeeping, safety, security, shelter, supervision, support, ward

PRESERVATION. keeping safe from harm; avoiding injury. This term always presupposes a real or existing danger.
     2. A jettison, which is always for the preservation of the remainder of the cargo, must therefore be made only when there is a real danger existing. See Average; Jettison.

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BTC's Building Preservation Technology Program is housed in the Science and Engineering Building, a 10,000-square-foot-plus space that has everything from a woodshop to a resource room filled with computers and more than 1,000 volumes of books, videos and magazines specifically dealing with historic preservation and construction.
The Tyne Wear Building Preservation Trust worked with the Bowes Railway Trust, Gateshead Council, Historic Property Restoration of North Shields, and Newcastle architects Mosedale Gillatt to make the project happen.
Current owners Manor Building Preservation Trust are demanding pounds 2.
The company, which is dedicated to building preservation and security, offers a wide variety of services designed to address individual structural needs.
There was one objection to the demolition of the existing hotel, by the Carmarthenshire Building Preservation Trust, but the objections were not supported by Cadw.
Lesley is married to power crane operator Evan, 39, and Lorraine's husband Danny, 43, runs a building preservation company.
is a Technical Professional Studies program in Building Preservation and Restoration (BPR).
In a continuing effort to educate residential building owners, property managers and residents on building preservation and maintenance, New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) Commissioner Jerilyn Perine announced the 2002 class schedule for the agency's Housing Education Program (HEP).
Invitation to Tender for Appointment Of Short-term Contract Basis Or A Consultant For Activity Plan/heritage Interpretation, United Kingdom Historic Building Preservation Trust (Ukhbpt)
And the ECHO can now report that the partners involved in an exciting business and innovation scheme to regenerate it - Liverpool City Council, the Merseyside Building Preservation Trust and the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University - have commissioned a PS30,000 architectural study.
A partnership involving the Bowes Railway Company, Tyne and Wear Building Preservation Trust, Historic England and Gateshead Council secured PS190,000 from the Challenge Fund, which is a partnership between the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation and English Heritage, to repair and restore the building.

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