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A printing of public notices and announcements that discloses the progress of matters affecting the general public and which usually includes provisions for public comment. A summarized report of a newsworthy item for immediate release to the public. The official publication of an association, business, or institution.

See: declaration, dispatch, entry, issuance, message, notice, notification, prospectus, publicity, record, report

BULLETIN. An official account of public transactions on matters of importance. In France, it is the registry of the laws.

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Furthermore, the researchers had to distinguish individuals among the hundreds of people who post to a bulletin board rather than just among Hamilton, Madison, and Jay.
Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council, confirmed to THE NEW AMERICAN that he, like most of the Border Patrol agents he represents, was unaware of the Homeland Security memo until it was made public by the Daily Bulletin.
Indeed, LRP's conduct has been substantially vindicated by the legal process in that after years of litigation, Law Bulletin was awarded $1.
A two-page, color bulletin highlights the company's MiniLab microcompounder, Series 1 rheometers, and Cahn DCA and TGA.
The bulletin also emphasizes the need to evaluate items on individual and collective bases: "If a registrant's revenues are a material financial statement item and if they are materially overstated, the financial statements taken as a whole will be materially misleading even if the effect on earnings is completely offset by an equivalent overstatement of expenses.
Kennedy in the White House (Boston: Mifflin Company, 1965), 302-303; The Inaugural Address of President Kennedy, Department of State Bulletin XLIV.
It's nothing more than an ordinary cork bulletin board hanging on the chapel wall, the sort that families use to post school schedules, grocery lists, and phone messages.
However, the bulletin fails to acknowledge that the independent contractors in Scripto and Tyler Pipe were, in fact, representatives for out-of-state companies.
based online management consulting business, says the mistake many BBS owners make is treating the bulletin board like a hobby--not a business.
The creation of the VEWA`4 Bulletin certainly has to be a milestone as it would be in any professional organization.
This is great news for computer users and environmentalists, because there is something for everyone, from vast Internet-based environmental services with virtually infinite information and resources down to grassroots local bulletin board systems.