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BULLION. In its usual acceptation, is uncoined gold or silver, in bars, plates, or other masses. 1 East, P. C. 188.
     2. In the acts of Congress, the term is also applied to copper properly manufactured for the purpose of being coined into money. For the acts of Congress, authorizing the coinage of bullion for private individuals, see Act of April 2, 1792, s. 14, 1 Story, 230; Act of May 19, 1828, 4 Sharsw. cont. of Story's Laws U. S. 2120; Act of June 28, 1834, Id. 2376; Act of January 18, 1837, Id. 2522 to 2529. See, for the English law on the subject of crimes against bullion, 1 Hawk. P. C. 32 to 41.

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Delivery of up to 33 tonnes of fine silver in the form of Good Delivery bullion (approx.
But the bullion trade continues to transact mostly in cash.
Tax changes over the years mean that investors now do not have to go to such lengths to avoid paying duty on bullion.
The new Bullion Express location in Buckhead is designed to accommodate a high volume of customers who will be able to participate in all three core services the new concept offers:
Bullion Japan acts as the exclusive Japanese operator of Bullion Vault, a service owned by Galmarley Limited headquartered in the United Kingdom, and is majority-owned and operated by Dragoon Capital Inc.
Hello Markets, a leading white label software provider for online trading , has announced that it has begun collaboration with Bullion Capital, the Australian-based global physical precious metals exchange.
In Carlin, lateral continuity and uniformity of mineralization and alteration within this breccia, as we see in these two holes, is exceptionally positive and bodes well for additional extensions of this mineralized zone and the potential for similar zones elsewhere in the North Bullion target zone and the Bullion Fault Corridor.
ae primarily provides spot trading of gold and silver bullion ranging from 1 ounce to 1 kg conforming to Dubai Good Delivery (DGD) standards.
Southern Bullion Coin & Jewelry's offer was the highest of all five stores surveyed by WAFF, totaling $264.
Acknowledging Dubai as the center of gold supplies in the Middle East Doha Bank now intends to set up a bullion desk in their Dubai office to serve the local wholesalers/jewellers based in Dubai and eventually to become a bullion investor for the local market in Dubai.
DMCC is also in discussions with the UAE Central Bank to designate the gold bullion coin as the first legal tender in the UAE and the Middle East as a whole.
Gold buyers in the UK can now claim up to 40% tax back on investment-grade gold bullion.