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However, he has mistakenly grounded the idea of black public intellectual to the Great Depression, particularly in the public function of Frazier, Bunche, and Harris.
One of the founding fathers of the United Nations, Bunche (1904-71) was a key figure in planning the international trusteeship system that paved the way for the decolonization process in Africa and Asia following World War II.
In an excruciatingly difficult situation, Bunche walked a diplomatic fine line.
There are the Laureates that, in the West, remain household names: Albert Schweitzer, Cordell Hull, Ralph Bunche, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Elie Wiesel (who might also have been shortlisted for the Nobel in Literature), Mother Teresa, and Al Gore.
Bunche, speaks of "the tale, the proverb, and the riddle" as aspects of folk expression.
Bunche Elementary, an inner-city school in Los Angeles County, Principal Mikara Solomon-Davis gave the teachers framed inspirational quotes, which they hung in their classrooms.
Ralph Bunche Elementary School in Compton (CA), named for the African American diplomat who won the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize, is breaking down the stereotypes that surround predominantly low-income, minority public schools.
At Howard, he studied with such towering black intellectuals as Sterling Brown, Ralph Bunche and Main Locke, but he was most profoundly influenced by the psychiatrist Francis Cecil Sumner.
He denigrates the role of the UN mediator, Ralph Bunche (whose name is inexplicably misspelled), stating that the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to this highly respected figure was unwarranted.
KEYWORDS: peacekeeping, peacebuilding, state building, High-Level Panel, Ralph Bunche.
Bunche (1903-1971) began his career as an educator and a political scientist, and later joined the United Nations, serving as undersecretary general for 17 of his 25 years with that body.