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A system of administration wherein there is a specialization of functions, objective qualifications for office, action according to the adherence to fixed rules, and a hierarchy of authority and delegated power.

Organizations such as the armed forces or administrative agencies are common examples of bureaucracies.


noun administration, agency, delegated authority, departmentalization, governance, government, government by bureaus, government office, governmental procedure, governmental system for decisionnaking, inflexible routine, management, ministration, official procedure, officialdom, officiation, organization, powers that be, process of governing, red tape, regulation, reins of govvrnment, rigid routine, rule, service, sovereignty, state manngement, strict procedure, system
See also: hierarchy, management

BUREAUCRACY. The abuse of official influence in the affairs of government; corruption. This word has lately been adopted to signify that those persons who are employed in bureaus abuse their authority by intrigue to promote their own benefit, or that of friends, rather than the public good. The word is derived from the French.

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Prioritizing, sometimes sensible and sometimes inescapably corrupt, prevailed throughout the burgeoning Manueline bureacracy.
They form a layer of bureacracy about three people thick and a few dozen wide.
Gender, Bureacracy, and Democracy: Careers and Opportunity in the Public Sector.
So because of Aer Lingus bureacracy Henry had to spend a "tortuous" hour-and-a-half to get to the desk.
All with prolific invention and a sense of fun: all at a time when Swedish architecture in general was in the ice-clammy grasp of a deadly alliance between the bureacracy and the contracting industry (the Swedes were the inventors of PFI).
Others see concerns about bureacracy and process as so much fiddling while the institution burns.
The bureacracy and the delay of the federal government .
With nearly 150 years of experience in institutional development and leadership, one of the clearly observable trends in the Canadian Jewish Community has been the increasing professionalization of the volunteer leadership and expanding bureacracy in Jewish organizations.
He concedes that business has suffered from regulatory confusion and bureacracy and the Government could try harder to get it right.
These men can be referred to as lohia (I have never heard the term applied to a woman) particularly if their power is seen to be used for the benefit of their own people, that is to say, if their position in the integration of village society with capitalist society and its administrative bureacracy has been advantageous to their group and not just to themselves.