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A system of administration wherein there is a specialization of functions, objective qualifications for office, action according to the adherence to fixed rules, and a hierarchy of authority and delegated power.

Organizations such as the armed forces or administrative agencies are common examples of bureaucracies.


noun administration, agency, delegated authority, departmentalization, governance, government, government by bureaus, government office, governmental procedure, governmental system for decisionnaking, inflexible routine, management, ministration, official procedure, officialdom, officiation, organization, powers that be, process of governing, red tape, regulation, reins of govvrnment, rigid routine, rule, service, sovereignty, state manngement, strict procedure, system
See also: hierarchy, management

BUREAUCRACY. The abuse of official influence in the affairs of government; corruption. This word has lately been adopted to signify that those persons who are employed in bureaus abuse their authority by intrigue to promote their own benefit, or that of friends, rather than the public good. The word is derived from the French.

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La bureaucratisation de la vie moderne serait le scenario privilegie pour comprendre cette mecanique de liens et reseaux parmi les individus.
Another factor to consider regarding the bureaucratisation of the personnel function in the SANDF is the accepted reality amongst officers that their careers will eventually terminate in a headquarters in Pretoria.
the level of bureaucratisation across Australia's unions;
At the same time increasing bureaucratisation has seen the typological model for the city hall develop; from a single large public room built over an arcaded market at the heart of the town -- like the Palazzo del Broletto in Como -- to an elaborate complex of private offices.
The increasing bureaucratisation of creative management and planning within the team -- what Ryan calls 'formatting' -- is a further part of a process by which the creative stage of cultural production is controlled.
Increasing bureaucratisation and commercialism of health care has reduced the clinical autonomy of health care professionals.
In contrast to the bureaucratisation of psychotherapy and the emphasis on techniques and manuals of practice which ape a natural science approach, Burston and Frie seek to set psychotherapy in its historical and philosophical context.
The aggregate picture of increasing union bureaucratisation appears, on its face, to be at odds with the finding that more unions reposed a decrease in the number of union officials than reported an increase.
The EU's "creeping bureaucratisation, increasing regulatory activism and soft but all-embracing paternalism" helped "undermine competitiveness".