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BURGAGE, English law. A species of tenure in socage; it is where the king or other person is lord of an ancient borough, in which the tenements are held by a rent certain. 2 B1. Com. 82.

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We are familiar with the kind of street which is made up of buildings on medieval burgage plots.
He was also charged with the unlawful possession of 104 rounds of assorted ammunition at Burgage Industrial Estate, Blessington, Co Wicklow, on November 25
According to The Cambridge Urban History of Britain, Trellech "possibly had 378 burgages in 1288," a burgage being a plot of land on which a house was located that could be as much as half an acre in size.
Harry refuses to change "leathern apron for a knight's girdle, and burgage tenement for an hundred-pound-land" (Scott 1907: 662), marries Catherine and lives happily ever after in his own state.
Although some citizens in Yeovil held burgage tenures and both Sherborne and Yeovil are sometimes called boroughs, neither held a borough charter before the late sixteenth century.
The teenager, formerly of Burgage Drive, Tain, pleaded guilty to seven separate driving offences, all involving driving without a licence or insurance.
TABLE 1 PARLIAMENTARY AND INCORPORATED BOROUGHS IN ENGLAND 1790-1820(*) Type of Franchise Parliamentary Incorporated Boroughs Boroughs Freeman 91 91 Scot-and-Lot 37 23 Corporation 25 25 Burgage 30 12 Pot walloper 13 5 Freehold 7 1 Total 203 156
v]: Thomas Burgage; then John Blowe, who was given it by Thomas Burgage.
Women of higher social or economic status had other options, and a few, such as widows holding property to which the vote belonged under burgage tenure, may actually have voted in national elections.
These buildings occupy medieval burgage plots, rare survivals in Newcastle, and retain considerable amounts of early fabric behind later facades.
The scheme has changed significantly since original proposals were approved in 2009 however we have striven to pay homage to the area's historic roots and retained the concept of expressing the site's medieval burgage plots in the design of the tower.
Kerry & principal place of business at unit 9, Hazelwood Centre, Glanmire, Cork & (d)TDR Consultancy Ltd having its registered office & principal place of business at 21 Burgage Green, Newcastle, Co.