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BURGOMASTER. In Germany this is, the title by which an officer who performs the duties of a mayor is, called.

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WHEN the Burgermeister of the Bavarian town of Plattling was invited to an ancient Borders celebration, it should have been a major boost to Scottish-German friendship.
21) The complaint mentioned that the districts were subjected to terrible oppression by the occupying regiments, which had kidnapped the Burgermeister and Stadtschreiber in order to extort 1,000 fl from the populace.
Or get burgers and milkshakes at BurgerMeister (86 Carl St.
Table 1 presents general information about the three children: their chronological age (given in months) and their nonverbal IQ (measured with the Columbia Mental Maturity Scale, Burgermeister et al.
Major Ratcliffe, aged 48, from Galley Common Nuneaton, who works as community relations officer at Jaguar's Browns Lane site, was also presenting a message of civic greeting from Coventry Lord Mayor Cllr Sheila Collins to Arnhem Burgermeister Dr Paul Scholten.
Siegfried Scholz, Burgermeister of Plattling in Bavaria, attended the Common Riding celebrations in Selkirk, in the Borders, earlier this year.
Her first meeting with Genthin's burgermeister led to talks on a range of issues affecting Cannock and the two communities in Germany.
The letters and notes reveal more about these events--two letters to the Strasbourg Burgermeister (nos.
This may illustrate how national values had triumphed at the expense of the local and cosmopolitan norms the forefathers of those Burgermeister, Senators and shippers had espoused at mid-century.
Sponsors: Bank of Alameda, Rosenblum Cellars, Alameda Point Wine Works at Rock Wall Wine Company, Poppo, Culina, Hangar One, Burgermeister, Torani, A Sound Explosion, Parker Orthodontics.
Wales holds a special place in the hearts of the townspeople and their Burgermeister, Dr A.