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BURGOMASTER. In Germany this is, the title by which an officer who performs the duties of a mayor is, called.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Very few people would declare "I'm the burgermeister of purgatory'' and be able to get away with it, but Francis can and does on the mid-tempo title track, "Indie Cindy.'' And that's not all he gets away with.
The anti-angiogenic effect was quantified solely in the area of the CAM using a modified semi quantitative score system with a scale of 0-2 was used for grading (Burgermeister et al.
Now the cafe's gone into the pop-up biz: Photographer and burgermeister Wes Rowe flips patties on Wes Burger Wednesdays, and the Rice Paper Scissors team brings Vietnamese street food on Thursdays.
This act attracts the lone notice of the local Burgermeister's wife, Frau Hermann (Barbara Auer), who later lets Liesel use her late son's personal library during Liesel's weekly laundry deliveries.
24 April 2013: Dylan Bordell, John Burgermeister, Alexander Burkett, Patrick Crowley, Sarah Danishefsky, Nick Davrados, Brittaney Eshbach, Elizabeth Fisher, Dustin Gerlach, Danielle Hemler, Andrew Hinrichs, Elizabeth Hopkins, Moira Jefferson, Sheila Joy, Ashley Kellar, Matthew Lapalombara, Shawna Loessy, Sally Lulciuc, Kelly McManus, Brian Miller, Zeke Montgomery, Allison Oates, Stephen Pugliese, Tyler Ritter Butz, Guy Sechrist, Kristin Shirey, Michael Van Brunt, Rebecca Vanhorn, Erin Wassum, Jennifer Webb, Andrew White.
The local Burgermeister (Mayor) defended the billboard as an example of the new freedoms to be enjoyed in the former East German city and encouraged the people of Potsdam to become more tolerant of that with which they were not familiar.
The two decades were remembered in style as German guests, including Troisdorf Burgermeister Klaus-Werner Jablonski, were welcomed to a ceremony in the mayor's parlour at Eston Town Hall by Councillor Olwyn Peters, during which Mr Jablonski was presented with a picture of Saltburn.
Es fehlt aber so manches ungarischsprachige Wort, wie etwa Gemeindealtester, Burgermeister (est.