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BURGH. A borough; (q. v.) a castle or town.

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Butterfly specialist Le Clos competed in the first two legs in Moscow and Paris in August, winning five gold and one silver to sit second behind Van der Burgh.
LATE SHOW City players party after earning an unlikely replay against Burgh
James always used to ask me to listen to the words of the Chris De Burgh songs and sadly since his death I have done so and now I really understand what he meant.
The pair's pal Shannon Cleary added: "Chris de Burgh offering to bring my housemate Claire and friend Matthew home has definitely earned you some major fans.
McAuley said: "After last week's game at Burgh it was reported that we were nothing more than a pub team.
Van der Burgh, who admitted he had robbed Aussie breaststroker Christian Sprenger of a gold medal by using illegal dolphin kicks in the Olympic final, partied at the Aussie athletes' party hotspot The Last Lap in Soho, where he had a '2012-pound cocktail laced with gold leaf'.
A bunch of roses were even laid before the singer and one lady - appropriately dressed in red - handed De Burgh her mobile phone, as he belted out another line of the classic soft rock hit.
His manager, Kenny Thompson, told The Sunday Times of London De Burgh had intended to ask Iran's Culture Ministry for permission to play a concert following the elections, but had now decided against going ahead with his application.
Chris de Burgh will be showcasing songs from his new album at Symphony Hall.
The dispute dates from 2006, after Rakti was retired to stallion duties at Huma Park Stud, outside Maynooth in County Kildare, which was co-owned by De Burgh at the time.
De Burgh will perform concerts with the Iranian band Arian, a founder of modern Iranian pop and the first rock group in the Islamic republic to receive an official permit to perform.