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BURGH. A borough; (q. v.) a castle or town.

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The first covers the objectives of the Beyond the Burghal Hidage project and its attempt to draw together all fields relevant to the study of Anglo-Saxon defences including archaeology (Andrew Reynolds), mapping (Stuart Brookes), and vocabulary (John Baker).
and Bede's Ecclesiastical History, with their own examples of creativity in the representation of the past; the Burghal Hidage, a census of Anglo-Saxon settlements that was drawn up early in the tenth century to serve as an aid to taxation and military duties; a number of lives of English saints, whether composed in prose or verse, including AElfric's late tenth-century lives of the royal saints King Oswald and King Edmund; and Beowulf and the Finnsburh Fragment, with their stories relating to great kings and heroes of the Northern world, to the extent that those poems can be ascribed to the tenth century in the form that we now have them.
Dodgson, 'A linguistic analysis of the place-names of the Burghal Hidage', in The Defence of Wessex: The Burghal Hidage and Anglo-Saxon Fortifications, ed.
If one looks at the burgh records, however, the distinctions between kirk and burgh and between burgh and gentry are made much less prominent, and one finds other divisions to be important, eg, between the crafts and the rest of the burghal officers; between the town and the country; between residents and itinerants; between those whose actions are and are not conducive to order and the maintenance of the status quo; between official employees and those who seem to be encroaching on their preserve.
Fifty years ago there were no cars or trucks, only camels, people lived on barley bread, dates, yogurt, burghal |cracked wheat~ and dried pomegranate seed.
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