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BURGH. A borough; (q. v.) a castle or town.

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Perth is one of only a handful of Scottish burghs to date where we have enough information to experiment with data in this way, to consider developing an English-style intensive urban database, and where the likely costs of archaeology in some central locations might encourage prospective developers seriously to consider mitigation strategies.
Academically, the research agenda for Scotland's burghs is still fairly basic (Barclay 1997: 33-4).
Engaging the public's interest and promoting `spin-off' interpretation and educational initiatives, such as Historic Scotland's Investigating Scotland's Burghs (1998), also remain at the heart of the Survey.
2000 Native tree-ring chronologies from some Scottish medieval burghs, Medieval Archaeology 44: 201-16.
Protecting the archaeology of Scotland's historic burghs, in E.
The Scottish Burgh Survey: understanding the past, informing the future
It also led directly to the instigation of the Scottish Burgh Survey, which has been the cornerstone of Historic Scotland's approach to managing the archaeology of towns for 25 years.
Today these aims seem almost jejune, and yet, for many towns, the early burgh surveys are still the only accessible summary of their history and assessment of their archaeological potential, and they remain useful.