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He is among us still, the Great Hunter Gracchus, blaming the boatman for the mishap of his wandering death, predicting to the attentive Burgomaster of Riga, "Nobody will read what I say here.
In 1538, for example, when a burgomaster was insulted, the secretary of Amsterdam went to Brussels to deliver the documents regarding the trial, but he was sent with clear instructions to argue that this case was in the hands of Amsterdam's local court.
76) The topic of toleration appears also in collected letters published in 1660 by van Limborch including one recently sent (February 14, 1660) from the burgomasters and magistrates of Rotterdam to their counterparts at Bern, urging an end to persecution of Swiss Mennonites, as desired by Galenus de Haan (who must have supplied the copy that is published).
46) In 1484, the Moreel faction made him burgomaster of the Bruges councillors.
From burgomaster sure of his authority, the shrugged shoulders, a worthy and kindly burgomaster titters, whispers, wonderings like so many a Fleming of old times, of the crowd, it was plain whose homely features and characters that he was, in the extremest have been immortalized by Flemish sense of the word, a stranger.
Most towns and cities that exist today were founded according to West European patterns, organised as burgher communities led by burgomaster and council, under particular urban laws and trade privileges.
The most recent dean, Glen Burgomaster, retired in August.
At the church, Ivor Sherrad, one of the veterans, presented a letter from the Lord Mayor of Coventry to the Burgomaster of Arnhem with greetings from the city of Coventry.
65) Warburg certainly did not align himself with those in Hamburg who opposed modern portraiture, especially the portrait of Burgomaster Carl Petersen commissioned by Lichtwark from Max Liebermann in 1891.
Other countries don't allow Americans to saunter in to vote on the local burgomaster or alcalde, and we shouldn't either.
in 1995, detailing how he had summoned the burgomaster and ordered him to lock the townsfolk in the Jewish slave labor camps, and invite the slave laborers to trade places and live in the local homes.