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Jadallah's job is to wrap them in the customary white burial shrouds, secure the shrouds with strips of cloth according to specific rules and wash their faces.
That night, Chicken Number Two dies and the way is open for him to escape by taking the dead man's place in his burial shroud.
If this be indeed the case, in our imagination we can picture Jesus returning to the tomb after his resurrection to re-vivify and glorify his body and doing so with such an explosion of divine energy as to cause this body as it arose from the dead to leave behind the marks of his passion imbedded on his burial Shroud to leave to his future followers a lasting remembrance of how great were the sufferings with which he wrought our salvation.
A linen cloth alleged to be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ, which has been shown to have been in the possession of the House of Savoy in the mid-14th Century, is one such object.
And Penelope's ruse to keep the suitors at bay, her refusing to remarry until she finishes sewing a burial shroud for Ulysses's father, finds its counterpart in Kentridge's drawing and erasing, as each day's progress is unraveled at night.
The revered relic is said to be the burial shroud of Christ, but some experts believe it is a brilliant medieval hoax.
Kurdish farmers in the village of Kardeslerkoyu screamed as they lifted the white burial shroud that covered 14-year-old Erhan Berk, found dead in the school's debris yesterday.
These range from textiles commissioned by royalty and high-ranking officials, such as the striking cloths of the Asante or gowns from Ethiopia encrusted with gold, to less prestigious but no less glorious pieces such as a multi-coloured Merina burial shroud from Madagascar.
to buy a burial shroud, not having money for the full size,
It is a world where God's messengers, angels, will cover your face either with tar or with a crepe burial shroud.
A distraught Ms Bhutto arrived early yesterday at the Mideast Hospital, where her brother's body lay wrapped in the traditional white burial shroud.
The debris formed a kind of thin burial shroud for the ancient maria.