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Burlesque show from 8-10pm at the Scottish Rite Center: $25 (general admission); $30 (balcony); $35 (VIP--includes front row table and goody bag)
Meet Jacques Bruxelles, a compere of burlesque shows who bills himself as 'Belgium's top light entertainer'.
It also sent me on a Stormy Leather burlesque junket, taking me to some of the naughtiest and most naked burlesque shows in the city She was dubbed the Naked Girl of Burlesque by her friend and sometimes partner in burlesque crime, Melody Sweets, whom Stormy credits with helping her break out of her shell--although it's hard to believe she was ever in one.
They are also loud and rowdy and ready to be entertained: they are here to see Calamity's weekly burlesque show, "Spanking the Lower East Side.
After just an hour Brit rushed off to appear in a burlesque show at Forty Deuce club - though how she could top this outfit is a mystery.
Now, the hugely popular site--Missy claims it gets 500,000 visits weekly--has spawned a travelling burlesque show and a glossy coffeetable book.
Arkansas' CBS affiliates might have dodged the, er, fallout from the Janet Jackson Super Bowl halftime burlesque show, but Fox stations here might not be so lucky.
See, for example, Irving Zeidman, The American Burlesque Show (1967) and Ann Corio, Burlesque (1968).
As well as art exhibitions, music and theatre, the festival has a range of more unusual events - from an artisan bread-making session, a burlesque show and calligraphy demonstration to children's workshops.
Other highlights include fake psychic Ian Montford and glittering line up of comedians, singers and burlesque performers in the Buskers Burlesque show.