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During its life, the Shubert served as a dramatic theater for the local Bainbridge players, as the Alvin burlesque house during World War II (hubba hubba), and as the Academy 70-millimeter movie house, which closed in 1983.
The scenes that compose the book of the show (very, very, very loosely inspired by Christopher Isherwood's Berlin Stories) are treated like vaudeville numbers, sliding on and off like standup comics at a burlesque house.
On one particular Saturday night Dancey proposed a visit to the Gaiety burlesque house on "The Block" in Baltimore.
An invitation to spend an evening in a burlesque house reveals that beneath the glittery elegance is a funky quartet in black lace, garters, and bow ties.
Her latest and largest inspiration has been to take over a real theater on the brink of annihilation and to commission from playwright Mac Wellman and composer David Van Tieghem a kind of son et lumiere pageant celebrating the building's history, from its opening night premiere of Sag Harbor in 1900 (in which the actors eat real clam pies and gingerbread right on stage) down through the decades as it becomes a burlesque house, a movie theater and, until just yesterday, a porn palace.
The original structure, built in 1904, was known as the Franklin Square Theater, a burlesque house.