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The ancient burrowers also used tentacles -- as do living species -- to help guide them through their dark world.
Donax clams are excellent burrowers, ideally suited to life in the surf zone (McLachlan & Young 1982, Trueman & Ansell 1969).
With the exception of December burrowers in season 1 that spawned, on average, in mid February (numerical mean, 2.
We found them to be quite reclusive when we had them here because they are burrowers so are quite often underground.
Examination of burrowing behavior showed that smaller individuals are faster burrowers than larger ones.
BBC experts were accused of "cold-blooded killing" as they gave tips on how to prevent lawns being ruined by the underground burrowers.
A more sizable number of Net users are burrowers or tunnelers.
Farmers have traditionally regarded earthworms as their friends because these burrowers aerate soil and can speed the release of nutrients as they eat fallen leaves.
Chinese mitten crabs, which are spreading up the coast of Britain, are strong burrowers and can damage banks, dams and other earthworks.
The proposed ecosystem would have been inhabited by deposit-feeding epibenthos (producing Rusophycus and rare Cruziana) and interface burrowers (Helminthopsis); plug-shaped burrows in TF25b are likely a preservational variant of Rusophycus.