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In this study, we describe radiographically and clinically the largest series of patients treated with the Verte-Span (Medtronic SofamorDanek, Memphis, TN) expandable cage for thoracolumbar vertebral body replacement for single level burst fractures.
These investigators stated that the variation of the conus level helped to perform lumbar puncture and myelography, and also helped to explain the differences among observed neurologic injuries from burst fractures.
Coufal, MD, FACS, founder of La Jolla Neurosurgical Associates, presents a case in which, a trauma patient suffered an acute burst fracture of the thoracolumbar spine and required acute operative stabilization to avoid a progressive deformity and neurological deterioration.
Caring for a patient who has bowel, bladder, and sexual dysfunction after a lumbar burst fracture is complex.
The 62-year-old former jockey, of Mottram-St-Andrew, near Macclesfield, suffered a burst fracture of his cervical vertebrae.
John Carden, 62, of Mottram St Andrew, near Macclesfield, suffered a burst fracture of his cervical vertebrae, known as the `hangman's break'.
A burst fracture of the lumbar vertebrae, requiring six steel rods, was bad enough, but in a way it only filled Gee's mug of woe to the brim - the overflowing was to come later.
The Archon-R plate is designed to offer improved biomechanical rigidity and resistance to screw pullout when compared to a traditional two-hole plate construct and is a first-of-its-kind indication by the FDA as particularly suited for use following corpectomies for the treatment of tumors and burst fractures, NuVasive executives claim.
Atlas ring fractures with > 3 parts are characterized as burst fractures, as described by Jefferson.