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Nose: Intense, with notes of lemon peel, brown sugar, cocoa, ground coffee, cream soda, dried fruits, buttered toast.
The menu includes starters of game terrine, apple and sage compote, toast; roast root vegetable soup, light horseradish cream and crusty bread; warm ham hock, carrot, onion and thyme salad, grain mustard sauce, buttered toast.
For a simple lunch enjoy them with hot buttered toast or for an evening meal with a difference place a poached egg garnished with flaked parmesan cheese over a tasty mushroom risotto.
Poach Pods are made of silicone and keep all those whites contained and plop them out onto buttered toast with just a gentle push.
Its thinking is simple: by showing people that a couple of slices of buttered toast contain more saturated fat than four doughnuts, it will highlight the dangers lurking in innocent-looking food.
Now, though, more and more makers are starting to do less to it--trading in some (or all) of that buttered toast for truer flavors of fresh, crisp apple, pear, citrus, tropical fruit, and minerals.
With two eggs, half a banana, two ripe strawberries, and two triangles of buttered toast .
The white is described as ``seductive, rich, creamy and full-bodied with aromas of apples, honey, warm buttered toast and caramel and flavors of apples, pears, nutmeg and toffee.
Now the candymakers at Jelly Belly Candy Company have contrived a new flavor of jelly bean inspired by the best part of breakfast with the introduction of Buttered Toast flavor of Jelly Belly beans, one of four new flavors introduced at the International Fancy Food & Confection Show in San Francisco.
Cook until the mushrooms are golden brown, add parsley and stir through Serve on hot, buttered toast.
It can be the simplicity of a bowl of tomato soup or beans on thick buttered toast, or it can be the warming dishes that take most of a day to put together, shuffling from chopping board to stove, happy to be cooking in a warm kitchen with the radio burbling away in the corner, or a favourite album playing.
But someone with an eating disorder will break down at the thought of a slice of hot buttered toast.