buying power

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The buying power of Hispanics in the United States has increased by more than $900 million since the start of the millennium, according to the report, which notes that minority groups are making the fastest gains in a U.
In the firm's recent report, "African-Americans: Demographic and Consumer Spending Trends, 10th Edition," Packaged Facts found that between 2010 and 2015 African-American buying power grew from $995 billion to $1.
The SimplyCash Plus Card helps solve a critical issue for small businesses who sometimes need greater buying power in order to quickly pursue opportunities for growth, while continuing to earn cash back on all of their business expenses, big and small.
From the start of buying power from the farm, EWEB and PacifiCorp were unable to secure "firm" transmission rights along power supply lines, according to the lawsuit.
According to Saxena, the discoms started slipping into losses after the government withdrew its financial support in 2007 and the onus of buying power fell on them.
He said: "By taking advantage of increased buying power and economies of scale, we aim to establish ourselves in a much stronger position to reap the benefits of any future upturn in the economy.
Franchise systems that comprehend that informal economies run on cash transactions, which ultimately leads to an undercount to the areas buying power, will have a leg up on their competition.
Several questions asked by the Kaiser Family Foundation poll followed this formula: "I'm going to read you a list of things some people have said about allowing the federal government to use its buying power to negotiate with drug companies to try to get a lower price for prescription drugs for people on Medicare, and I'd like you to tell me whether you agree or disagree with each of these statements.
Book publishers are also finally catching on to the buying power of the "multicultural" or "ethnic" market.
That meant being open to taking new approaches to working with customers to strengthen their mutual buying power.
In 2004, black buying power rose to $723 billion, up from $585 billion in 2000, according to The Multicultural Economy 2004, a report by The Selig Center for Economic Growth.