buying power

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"I would say United [are in a better place than Arsenal] because of their buying power and the money they will pay for players.
Understanding Asian American consumers' unique needs and diverse cultural influences is vital to capturing a share of their buying power and to building authentic connections leading to long-term brand loyalty.
Two major competitors of the company, Indus Motor and Honda Atlas Cars, were able to easily pass on the impact of rupee depreciation to their high-end customers, who had a higher buying power, while PSMC could not do the same due to the weak buying power of its targeted customers, who largely purchased cheaper cars, said the expert.
Lidl boasted that its global buying power and simple operating model provided the business with "unparalleled resilience" when compared with rivals.
In the regions, the buying power of the average daily minimum wage of P329.35 went down to P210, he said.
Sohail attributed the upward trend to improving buying power, growing popularity of cab hailing services in the country and low auto financing rate.
The buying power of Hispanics in the United States has increased by more than $900 million since the start of the millennium, according to the report, which notes that minority groups are making the fastest gains in a U.S.
The cost of buying power has increased primarily on account of an increase in the input and gas, officials said.
The Defense Department's "better buying power" procurement guidelines specifically promote the use of small businesses, "both for innovation and for efficiency and to control costs," he said.
Monday's data make it easier to understand the reasons behind declining buying power, as well as the poor state of the equal distribution of wealth, amid low growth, in Turkey.
"Adding PACOA as a member gives us the opportunity to consolidate vendor programs and strengthen the buying power of both PACOA and DA members," Distribution America President Dave Christmas says.
The lawsuit follows EWEB's expansion over the years into buying power from an array of different producers to feed Eugene's expanding economy.